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Hook and Loop Tape Series

魔鬼氈 黏扣帶 台灣製 hook and loop tape

Hook and Loop Types

背膠魔鬼氈 自黏魔鬼氈 self-adhesive hook and loop tape

Standard/ Self-adhesive

double-sided hook and loop_cable tie_strap 雙面魔鬼氈 背對背魔鬼氈 黏扣帶

Double-sided Hook and Loop Tape

射出鉤 塑膠魔鬼氈 plastic molded hook

Molded Plastic Hook

彈性魔鬼氈 鬆緊帶魔鬼氈 elastic hook and loop

Elastic Loop Tape

魔鬼氈毛面布 黏扣布 velcro fabric

Brushed Loop Fabric

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